Vegetal waste

In the municipality of Almería and surroundings

RECICLADOS ALMERIENSES 2005 S.L is founded as a company in 2002 and obtains authorization for the activity of recovery and disposal of inert waste, registered in the Administrative Register of Urban Waste Managers with GRU-090.

This is how its journey in the world of waste begins, with its main priority being the recovery and recycling all raw materials that enter the treatment plant and their reincorporation into the market.

Our objectives

Location of the plant

Only 15 km from the centre of Almería

One of its main assets is the location of the plant, located only 15 kilometres from the centre of Almeria in the natural park called Cañada Moreras. The proximity of the plant facilitates the transfer of waste, saving time and costs.

A model of necessary waste

12,000 families live from greenhouses in Almeria

With the passage of time and the direction of the economic model in the province of Almeria, the treatment plant has been surrounded by hundreds of hectares of greenhouse crops. Once again, our purpose is to contribute our grain of sand, and to execute a new project for the treatment of the waste generated in the greenhouses, which is currently a problem given the few plants that treat this type of waste.

And it is at the beginning of March 2015 when we are granted authorization for the management and treatment of vegetal waste, registered in the Administrative Register of Managers with the GRU-3353.

Vegetal waste

Treatment of vegetal waste generated by greenhouses and cooperatives

Do you want to bring your waste to the plant?

Register as a client

If you want to bring your vegetal waste, we show you all the necessary steps and documents to register you as a new client and requirements for the entry of waste in the plant.