Vegetal waste

Vegetal waste treatment

Generated by greenhouses and cooperatives

Our authorisation as a composting plant was approved by the Territorial Delegation for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment in Almería at the end of March 2015. Since then, our commitment has been focused on making it easier for companies to manage their waste, specifically that generated in agriculture.

We are final handlers in the treatment and composting of vegetal waste. The waste generated in the greenhouses is deposited in our plant, treated and then transformed into vegetal compost. We are registered under number GRU-3353.

◆ Technical management details

In general terms, waste is shredded to reduce its size and volume, thus making it easier for composting microorganisms to digest. Recycling operations
In the digestion process, there is an exothermic reaction (heat is released) that results in water vapor and carbon dioxide.
For an optimal composting process, the piles should be turned over periodically to reduce their temperature, and humidity should always be present in the process. In this way we will provoke that the microorganisms can decompose the plants in the most favourable way until the vegetal compost is obtained.
At the end of the process, the compost is selected through a trommel to obtain a homogeneous granulometry for later sale.

◆ Waste admitted

Vegetal fabrics

LER 02 01 03

Plastic fabrics

Except packaging

LER 02 01 04


LER 02 01 10

Other categories

Fruit, wood, cardboard, paper, mineral content.

LER 02 01 99

Any other waste will be refused entry.

◆ Procedures for new clients

New clients

In order to register as a new client, it will be necessary to fill in the Client Registration Form in which all the data of your company will be indicated.

Form of payment

In order to register as a new client, it will be necessary to fill in the Client Registration Form in which all the data of your company will be indicated.

Authorization to third parties

When a client hires a transport company to carry the waste on his behalf, he must authorize it by duly filling out the Plant Entry Authorization form, which will be necessary and obligatory to gain entry. If the customer has its own trucks, it will not be necessary to submit such documentation

Opening hours

◆ Rates

* Updated rates
* VAT not included.

Location of the plant

Only 15 km from the centre of Almería

One of its main assets is the location of the plant, located only 15 kilometres from the centre of Almeria in the natural park called Cañada Moreras. The proximity of the plant facilitates the transfer of waste, saving time and costs.

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